Color Consulting

Maybe you’ve made repeated trips to the paint store but are hesitant to commit to a color. Perhaps you did choose a color you thought you loved, but dislike it now that it’s up on your wall. It’s time to kick paint-color-paralysis to the curb. This process should energize you, not deplete you. Color should bring you joy! I am here to help take the struggle out of selecting colors and make it fun for you!

Residential Interior Colors

Step 1: Ring Ring!

The consultation begins with a simple phone conversation. Tell me if you’ve just moved into your home or want to refresh the palette you’ve lived with for a while. I’ll ask a few questions to get a sense of who you are, who shares your home, and your specific needs when it comes to a successful color scheme.

Step 2: Ding Dong!

Next, I will meet you at your home so you can give me a friendly tour. Viewing your rooms in person gives me key insights about natural light, architectural details and how each room is used. As we tour, we’ll talk over your goals, your dreams, your tastes and your lifestyle. At the completion of our meeting I will create a custom color palette for the rooms we discussed. Suddenly, your home is your favorite place on earth.

Step 3: Ooh, Ahh!

As a final step, I will complete a color design folder for you that will identify the paint color names, finishes and samples that were hand-selected for your home. You will be able to refer to these samples easily in the future and provide them to your painter or contractor.

Residential Exterior Colors

There is something incredibly welcoming, comfortable and satisfying when a home’s interior is a harmonious continuation of its exterior. From siding to trim to shutters, I am happy to collaborate with you on an exterior color palette that complements the feel of your home and the style of the neighborhood. Together we can create a true reflection of who you are, both inside and out. You, your family and friends will feel the difference and appreciate the beauty.

Interior or Exterior Color Consultation

$350 – Initial 90 Minutes
$160 – Each Additional Hour

Commercial Spaces

In commercial spaces, the right colors will reinforce brand image, increase worker productivity or even invite customers to linger longer. My goal is to deliver color palettes that make commercial spaces fresh while impacting the environment in positive ways. Based on the psychological and physiological effects of color, my work creates focus and brings balance to offices, restaurants and retail stores.

Color Consultation

$475 – Initial 90 Minutes
$250 – Each Additional Hour