What Clients Are Saying

“I’ve worked with Rachelle for a few years now and I just have to say that she’s a wonderful designer. She’s patient. She listens. AND she has a great eye! What more could you want in a designer?”
– Rodney Haynes
Design Showroom
California Carpet


quote-bubleRachelle is an excellent interior designer and color consultant. She helped me, a year after my daughter was born to buy new furniture and redo my living room, dining room, bedroom, and my daughter’s bedroom. She was a joy to work with! She brought out and worked with my ideas; she added her own inspiration; and all of the nicest touches and pieces come from her visioning. It was a very important time in my life, and she made something beautiful happen! Her gift is especially with textiles and colors. Not only did she help me get great foundations, she did things like having a special custom pillow made for my bed which matched the upholstered bench, which is just gorgeous. The thing you get with working with Rachelle is someone who is gifted and enjoyable in making a process come out and work for you. Thank you Rachelle! Her work has brought so much lasting joy to my family’s life and experience. I am now moving out of state, and Rachelle is helping me with interior paint colors for my new home.

Rebecca Ghanadan

quote-bubleRachelle is an awesome interior designer and color consultant! We first engaged her in 2011 for help with decorating our remodeled living room and we loved her work so much we asked her to come back two years later and help us after our kitchen remodel. She helped us select paint color for our walls and kitchen cabinets as well furniture, rugs and lighting. She also arranged with vendors for any custom work we needed, such as custom-sized cushions for the various sitting benches we have in our home. Not only were the multiple options she provided great, but she listened and was very patient with us throughout the process. Her recommendations were never crazy and I felt they were always pleasantly different from what I would have chosen on my own, and still very much within our style and desired color palette. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional designer and would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Karla and Matt McKerley

quote-bubleI had two other designers over to help select the right wall color for bedrooms that have two different colored burl veneer furniture that I designed and had made. I’ve been performing house and furniture design for over thirty-five years and no one, including myself, had a clue as to the perfect room color. Rachelle hit the colors right on the mark for the perfect contrast. The rooms are exquisite. Rachelle has an amazing talent for knowing what works. I have referred her to my friends who also think she is impressively talented.
Robert Gurman

quote-bubleWe needed the right direction with interior design when remodeling our house. We didn’t want Rachelle to tell us exactly what needed to be done, we wanted to be pointed in the right direction. Rachelle did an excellent job! On time! With confidence! Rachelle’s strongest expertise is choosing colors for different rooms. It is amazing how the colors flow from one room to another.
We absolutely love our new home! Thank you Rachelle.
Alex Danovich

quote-bubleFinding Rachelle was great luck for me. I needed to figure out my living room with a mix of inherited antique wicker and more recent purchases. Rachelle figured out the space planning and then pulled it all together with amazing new fabrics. She’s fun to work with and the room reflects who we are. She knows great service people to finish the project. She helps you find your design ‘voice’.
Jody Gelb

quote-bubleThe color palette Rachelle created for our home has literally transformed how we feel in our living spaces. She has an uncanny way of tuning into what is just right for a space, a room, as well as the flow between rooms. We are thrilled! Working with her was an extra bonus, she’s enthusiastic, responsive, supportive, and tunes in so well to the feelings and sensibilities of others. Rachelle is without a doubt not only the best designer we’ve worked with, but also the easiest and most connected.
Patricia and Stephen Prior

quote-bubleRachelle worked with me on several house projects from picking new fabric for recovering items in the house to helping me choose flooring, furniture, colors for paint, and lighting. She was always great to deal with and eliminated much of the stress of fixing up my house.
Judy Leash

quote-bubleRachelle is a dream to work with, with a color sense that is perfect for us, and it all worked within our budget! We are so happy with our “new” dining room, as well as with the more subtle color changes in the living room and hall (and all the ceilings) — and in my study. Rachelle also helped us find just the right bedroom furniture, including dealing with the frustrations of a company we’d ordered from going bankrupt. Working with Rachelle is like working with your best friend, but she’s got the decorating expertise.
Judith McCullough

quote-bubleWe love the spirit of our home and the color combinations that make it uniquely ours. Friends and family always comment on how comfortable our home is and volunteer our home for holiday celebrations. Rachelle is an expert on color! We love it!
Katie McKee

quote-bubleRachelle Goodfriend is a terrific designer. Our workroom has managed a number of her projects over the past few years for Rachelle. These include reupholstery, building new furniture, custom drapery work and roman shades. Rachelle is a delight to work with. She has a great sense of color and coordination for different fabrics and furnishings. Rachelle works well within a budget and is readily available for her clients and our workroom.
John Perryman, Owner, Franciscan Interiors

quote-bubleRachelle worked magic remodeling our real estate offices. Her creative vision transformed our space from cramped and boring to spacious and beautiful. Colleagues can easily communicate. Clients feel graciously welcomed.
John Oei, Intero San Francisco Realty

quote-bubleWe asked Rachelle how we could create a dining room in a small space we had just added to our home. In our first meeting with her, Rachelle’s skillful questions & comments awakened us to discover what we really wanted…not what we thought we should want! We ended up with a magical, glowing, warm sunroom that has become our favorite room in our house. Along with a wondrous sense of color, function and design, Rachelle truly has a magical ability to collaborate with her clients to find their own aesthetic “voice.” We’ll never make another design decision without her input!
Megan & Gib Robinson

quote-bubleRachelle has an amazing eye for color, texture and design. She collaborates well and listened deeply to how I wanted to have my living space at home & my home office reflect my true spirit. The results were phenomenal. I now feel both relaxed & inspired in both environments. My living and work spaces are now transformed…and so am I!
Pamela Kramer

quote-bubleNot only did Rachelle transform my dark & depressing office into an exquisitely beautiful, serene, inviting and inspiring place to work, collaborating with her was also an incredibly fun & enriching experience. She drew out the best part of me and showed me how to express it in my physical environment. Now every time my eyes rest on those wonderful textures, patterns and colors, I feel a rush of energy and a desire to give my best to the world.
Ann Mead

quote-bubleGoodfriend Color Design took our condo from cold contemporary to warm modern by transforming the colors of each room.
Linda Rae Paul
Steve Sanders

quote-bubleI love my new office! Rachelle turned a small, uninspired place into a warm room that my colleagues enjoy spending time in. I’ve had to restrict their visiting hours!
George Slawek

quote-bubleRachelle has an impeccable sense of color and a great eye for so many different kinds of style: the elegant and the playful, the classic and the modern, the simple and the sensuous. Plus, she knows how to put it all together with idiosyncratic flourishes that make it your own. The ultimate bonus: she works fast, so you don’t have to wait forever to enjoy the finished product.
Nan Wiener
Joshua Kosman

quote-bubleRachelle worked with me to choose paint colors for my kitchen. I wanted something exciting and different. Rachelle’s instinctive style and her eye for the perfect colors to inspire my cooking really made all the difference. I now love my kitchen!
Margie Simon

quote-bubleRachelle’s sense of design — colors, textures, proportion, space are unique. The overall feeling when the project is completed is one of warmth, coziness and an inviting space that blends in well with the rest of the home. She is great to work with because she listens to the clients needs; design, use, and budget, and adds her own dimension to it. Great experience.
Abby Stricker

quote-bubleMy weekend home is My Happy Home – it’s cozy and welcoming. I wanted my City home to be inviting as well, but it was cold and stark. Voila, Rachelle added crown molding and painted each room yummy, warm colors. I now have My Happy Home #2!
Barbara DeVries